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Water Management

water management


Despite having a more advanced water management system than most Middle Eastern countries, Iran is experiencing a serious water crisis.

 There is now a major push for higher efficiency water consumption and major investments in wastewater management and treatment for Iran. The objective is to use as much wastewater as possible for agricultural purposes so freshwater can be allocated for residential and industrial use.

It is said that the key to managing Iran’s crisis is restructuring water use in the agricultural sector. Agriculture currently consumes 90% of the country's water resources, compared to the international benchmark of 70%. The agricultural sector is significant for Iran on two levels: employment opportunities (it employs roughly 20% of the workforce while contributing to only about 9% of the country’s gross domestic product) and food security (the core objective of which has been self-sufficiency).

 Ubiquity International Trading can introduce water management system suppliers to Iran’s decision makers. Contact us to further discuss ideas.