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Infant & Baby Formula

infant and baby formula


If you are in Iran and your child needs powdered milk because of an allergy, then you are in serious trouble. As sanctions take their toll on imports, a serious shortage of the product in the Iranian market is putting the lives of many babies at risk.

 Infant formula is usually made from cows' milk that has been treated to make it suitable for babies. There are a number of different brands in the shops that meet the required legal standards. The cows' milk in infant formula contains a mix of two types of proteins – whey and casein.

 Not all milk is suitable for feeding babies. You should never give the following types of milk to a baby under one year:

  •          condensed milk
  •          evaporated milk
  •          dried milk
  •          sheep's milk
  •          goats' milk
  •          other types of drinks known as "milks", such as rice, oat or almond drinks
  •          cows' milk as a drink (it's fine to use it when cooking for your baby)


Ubiquity International Trading have close relationships with infant formula manufacturers. Contact us to discuss importing baby formula from Australia and New Zealand.