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Strategic Business Connections

Strategic Business Connections

In the initial phases of your business it’s imperative to position yourself with tactical strategies to achieve successful penetration into overseas market places. The indicators of successful positioning would be:

  •                Significant sales increase and volume
  •                Brand recognition
  •                Local partnerships
  •                Growing impact you have in your niche market


Ubiquity International Trading prides itself on Strategic Business Connections. Our database of contacts allows us to introduce you to:

  •                Corporations
  •                Government agencies
  •                Prime contractors


Ubiquity International Trading creates valuable business relations within your defined target market world-wide. Our clients are well informed and use reliable strategies to achieve their international business goals.

Ubiquity International Trading can provide you with advice, specialist expertise and connections to develop and implement your company’s development plans.  We do this by providing access to:

  •          a team of internal Ubiquity International Trading advisers, and
  •          external mentors, advisers and specialists drawn from global private sectors


As a client of Ubiquity International Trading, you are assigned an Adviser who is your dedicated point of contact. Through your Adviser, you can access our team members who have specialist expertise in a range of key strategic business development functions, including export and import sales, technology development, marketing, market research, raising private investment and human resources.

The primary function of an Ubiquity International Trading Adviser is to carry out an assessment of your business development needs and to ensure that you are aware of all support services for which your business might benefit.

Specifically, Ubiquity International Trading is available to:

  •          discuss your business development needs
  •          provide impartial confidential advice on your business plans
  •          provide information on a wide range of financial and business development supports available
  •          guide you through relevant application processes
  •          make you aware of events and networks of relevance to your business 

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