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The mass adoption of connected digital technologies and applications by consumers, enterprises, and governments continues to drive telecommunications operators’ most critical strategic and operational decisions such as:

  •          monetize infrastructure investments and data traffic
  •          boost newly needed capabilities
  •          rationalize product and service offerings
  •          improve customer experience
  •          and evolve asset portfolios and business models

Telecom operators that adopt hard-line digitization strategies generally fare better than their more conservative rivals. Many telecom companies have learned that they must take a more focused approach in determining which digital products and services to offer if they are to capture real opportunities in adjacent businesses and broader digital ecosystems. Telecom providers must completely redefine their relationships with their customers.

These efforts require significant investments in new Share

Networking technologies as companies develop new 5G systems.

Ubiquity International Trading delivers projects to Telecom Company of Iran and have close relations with MCI (Mobile Company of Iran – The largest mobile operator in the middle-east) and MTN Irancell (the second largest mobile provider in the Middle East).


We have supplied Telecom equipment from famous brands such as Cisco, Zyxel, Huawei, ZTE, Corecess, Motorolla, Ubiquity Networks.

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