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Mining opportunities in Iran may be even more significant than oil. Iran is opening up $29 billion of mining projects to foreign investors once international sanctions are lifted. Iran has more than 3,000 active mines, mostly privately owned.

Iran is ranked among 15 major mineral-rich countries with potential reserves worth more than $700 billion. Iran is rich not only in oil and gas, but in mineral deposits’, as well. As of 2011, Iran had the world’s 9th largest reserves of copper at 32.5 million tonnes even though production is only growing. The discovery of two large coal and iron ore deposits in the Lut desert in central Iran was announced by the mines ministry earlier in 2015.  The country is the number four supplier of iron ore to China.



A number of large multinational mining companies including BHP Billiton, Newcrest, Rio Tinto, Alcoa, Chalco, Shenhua (a Chinese mining company), Alcan and Xstrata operate in Australia.

Australia's high labour costs and first-world safety regulations, distinctive geology, and the importance placed on mining research by successive governments and businesses has meant that the Australian mining sector is quite technologically advanced. A large proportion of mines worldwide make use of Australian-developed computer software.


Contact Ubiquity International Trading for opportunities to import or export a diverse range mineral products including but not limited to:


  •                Chromate
  •                Coal
  •                Copper
  •                Gold
  •                Lead
  •                Manganese
  •                Zinc

 We also have partners that own the mines for the best quality of Amethyst stone located in Semnan city of Iran. They also own a number of valuable building stones mines such as premium marvel.