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Company Profile

Company Profile

Ubiquity International Trading “U.I.T.” was founded in 2012 in Sydney, Australia and enjoys a significant international reputation for its excellence and vast commercial experience. Its long history of business excellence showcases us as a leader in the worldwide import/export and trading industry.

U.I.T. is a leading provider of import and export goods and services with supporting companies in undertaking worldwide business by sourcing:

·         Agents

·         Distributors

·         End users for products and services

·         Representatives

Our services include:

·         Due diligence

·         Market research

·         Matchmaking

·         Promotion of products and services

·         And much more

At U.I.T. we are rightly proud of our reputation as a supplier of innovative, high quality products and services supported by our professional and experienced team. Customer service is our highest priority and in keeping with this philosophy we have established distribution centres and sales offices throughout the world. This ensures that our company's representative team are well positioned to service business needs with seamless and immediate 24/7 regional business and regulatory knowledge, cultural understanding and smooth set-up for continual transactions.

Welcome to Ubiquity International Trading.