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Iran is possibly the next superpower of renewable energy in the Middle East. 

Iran is home to almost 82 million relatively young inhabitants with an overall median age of 28.8 years. In 2015, Iran had a high Human Development Index of 0.766, higher than those of Turkey, Mexico and Brazil. 72.4% of Iran’s population (over 59 million) are urban dwellers and urbanization has been proceeding at an approximate rate of 2%. From 2012 onwards, both urban and rural inhabitants have gained full access to electricity.

 Deals between Iran and some of the most important global PV players might change the country’s solar energy landscape completely. Early 2015, a consortium comprised of enterprises from Iran, India and South Korea set up a plan to construct a super energy park with a generation capacity of 1 Gigawatt in the north-western province of Khuzestan. A German company also signed a deal to construct several power plants with a combined capacity of 1.25 Gigawatts in three cities close to Tehran. Spanish project developer Bester has agreed to assist Iran in developing various renewable energy projects, with solar power being the main focus. German consultancy company BBB GmbH signed a deal with Iran-Wind Group to provide consulting services for wind energy.

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