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U.I.T. is a leading international provider of import & export consulting services that will guide you through the entire commercial process from start to finish.

First time importers and exporters can easily be overwhelmed by the countless number of overseas compliance requirements, regulations, legal imposts and logistic options.

We consult on every aspect of importing and exporting including:

·         Supplier selection

·         Cross Cultural Business Trading Relationships

·         Contract negotiation

·         Favourable shipping terms

·         Regulatory and legislative advice through our legal network

·         Carrier and route selection

·         Inspection

·         Quarantine

·         Customs clearance

·         Compliance

·         Warehousing and distribution

·         And other areas of need

Our customers will enjoy a personalised relationship designed to help them achieve their goals and provide reliable solutions.  Our consulting services set up to facilitate every step of importing and exporting to avoid unnecessary delays easing and streamlining supply chains to compete on a global scale.

Welcome to Ubiquity International Trading.