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Recruitment & Resourcing

Solutions for demanding recruiters.

Recruitment & Resourcing

You need recruiters who are experts in your industry. 

At Ubiquity International Trading, we make it our business to know your business. Ubiquity International Trading has the industry-specific expertise to design a solution that's optimized for your organization. 

 We know where the top talent is in your industry, and we know what it will take to attract and land them for your company. Our primary objective is clear-cut: To perfectly align the best people with appropriate positions for our clients everywhere. We’re bringing in candidates and associates from around the globe with a variety of skills and backgrounds, seeing how we can best put their skills to use.

With a talent roster that includes engineers of all kinds, IT software, hardware and infrastructure, finance & accounting professionals, sales and marketing experts, clerical, light industrial, manufacturing and warehouse workers. In addition, Ubiquity International Trading helps businesses with some of their most critical day-to-day tasks, providing assistance with workforce consulting, management of payroll, procurement, recruitment outsourcing, and project management.

Welcome to Ubiquity International Trading.